Who We Are

We are Eagle Tech Co., Ltd., a Thai company located in Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat). Our international background helps us to find the best and most innovative systems for personal protection and wellbeing.We work in partnership with primary companies located in Italy: HSD Srl., our manufacturer of Medical Devices for physiotherapy and Personal protection, and Terminter Srl, manufacturer of Ozone Generators for air disinfection.We are fully licensed for import, storage and distribution of Medical Devices (class II and III); we provide our devices from Thailand to several countries lke Vietnam and Australia. We work through a network of distributors that every company with the right vision can join.


Eagle Tech is official importer of Devices for Ultrasound therapy, light therapy and magneto therapy manufactured by HSD, company located in San Marino, Italy.Genesis: device for treatment of feet and legs, fully automatic with 22 programs for most of pathologies, pains and relaxation practice.Soniclife: device for traetment of hands, arms and shoulder, with 10 fully automatic programs suitable for most of pathologies and pains due to the modern life and sport activity.

Physiotherapy and Well-being devices

Sonimed: a device for professional use in the sector of pain therapy, well being, relaxation and effective against many pathologies in sportsmen and aged people.Sonimed is the most tested and successful device manufactured by HSD in San Marino, Italy. Its versatility and possibility of usage in all the part of body is a key factor for its success.With two knobs, one for ultrasound, one for magneto-light, it can be used for any scope, from relaxation to medical therapy, from well-being to esthetic.


Ozone is the worse enemy of virus and bacteria. Ozone Generator by Eagle Tech is your ozone generator for sterilization of cars, offices, hotel rooms, schools and homes.Unlike conventional disinfection systems, Ozone molecules are able to easily reach all surfaces, even the most hidden ones, for powerful and long-lasting sanitation. ALL IN JUST FEW MINUTES.Leaving no residue and requiring no maintenance, it sanitizes and disinfects carefully every surface and material with which it comes into contact.Eagle Tech Co., Ltd. as the only accredited company in Thailand for the training and certification of the device, can provide training and certification for ozone generator operators.

Personal Protection Devices Thailand


Our team is dedicated to bring you cutting edge protective equipment to prevent infection from viruses and bacterial infections, and keep you and your loved ones safe.We currently provide reusable self sterilising medical silicon protective masks with disposable TNT filters. Every mask has 30 filters that can be changed daily for your maximum protection. Pakage with refill of 30 filters are available. You can choose your level of protection: Generic filter, FFP2, FFP3, or IIR (Medical), dependent on the use you want to make of the mask.Eagle Tech Masks are made in Italy and certified by Ministry of Health and tested by Politecnico University of Milan.